Textile Technology Innovation: New Robots for the Denim Industry

The textile technology has evolved into a new era where humans are soon to be replaced with robots in the apparel manufacturing industry including denim industry. Recently,VAV technology has developed two robots that can imitate human hands to promise abrasion effects in denim.

Image Courtesy: textilegence.com

The brand has launched two unique robots Da Vinci OB48 SPRAYING Robot and ERASER MD48 SCRAPING robot that would imitate human hands for abrasion. The new technology promises to increase the production of denims to approx.4000/day. All this made possible with ERASER MD 48 SCRAPING robot.

The SPRAYING robot copy the human movement and spray the water movement. This would help in two ways: No human will be exposed to the dangerous chemicals and enhanced productivity (6000/Day) is another reason that these robots are in full demand in the denim industry.