Space Dyeing : A unique technique for textile dyeing.

Textile colouration is an age old art. Post – industrialisation era, the technique of Dyeing textile colouration (dyeing and printing) has greatly evolved and various methods of colour application using variety of machines at various stages of textile processing are being practised.

Colorful test tubes close-up

Generally, the term dyeing (which constitutes nearly 80% by application at fibre, yarn, fabric or garment stage), is used when the textile material is coloured uniformly in solid shades while the term printing (which is also called as localized dyeing comprises about 20% usage) is applied in specific designs or patterns at the fabric or garment stage. However, there is also a niche but specialized segment of printing at yarn stage which imparts different colours spaced across the length of yarn and thus it is also called “space dyeing. There are many dyeing chemicals used in ‘space dyeing’

The space dyeing can be performed on different type of textile fibres like Cotton, Viscose, Polyester, Wool, Silk, Acrylic, Nylon and their commonly used blends by using various dye classes suitable for dyeing these substrates.


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